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oh yeah if any of you have instagram you should follow me @lilyissle cause i post cool pictures and stuff sweet much love

merely-mad said: what could you tell me about myself .. hehehe

ojh wow you actually seem a legitimately sound person i don’t know i can’t really say much just off viewing blogs like maybe if you fully ask a question honestly im not even sure where i was going with that or my initial post since im not magic but i wish i was. Saying that though you actually dont seem to fall into the usual mindless tumblr circle jerk that like 90% of tumblr does therefore i have respect for you and you should just like enjoy being who you are and bettering yourself and unravelling the mysteries of the mind and the universe and loving compassionately and forgiving peacefully and perpetuating kindness and being happy :) xx

Anonymous said: hmm what's your favourite pastime babes?

money drugs babes ponies + food

Anonymously (or not) message me (3) things you want to know about me.

i doubt anyone will do this but im going to reblog it anyway though you don’t even have to ask questions about me ask me questions about you and i can tell you things about yourself too. 

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“Non-reaction to the ego in others is one of the most effective ways not only of going beyond ego in yourself but also of dissolving the collective human ego.”

—   Eckhart Tolle (via lazyyogi)

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I wanna be hot enough to make people question their sexual orientation

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“How often do we talk just to fill up the quiet space? How often do we waste our breath talking about nonsense?”

—   Colleen Patrick-Goudreau (via childrenofthetao)

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“But is it such a bad thing to live like this for just a little while? Just for a few months of one’s life, is it so awful to travel through time with no greater ambition than to find the next lovely meal? Or to learn how to speak a language for no higher purpose than that it pleases your ear to hear it? Or to nap in a garden, in a patch of sunlight, in the middle of the day, right next to your Favorited fountain? And then to do it again the next day?”

—   Elizabeth Gilbert (via purplebuddhaproject)

Reklews x Black Josh x Bill Shakes x Salar x Sleazy F Baby x Morriarchi



Reklews x Black Josh x Bill Shakes x Salar x Sleazy F Baby x Morriarchi